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Founder & CEO Welsh-native Shoned Owen had always been interested in the beauty industry, particularly tanning, since her teens. She used sun beds throughout her twenties until the dangers of skin cancer and premature skin ageing converted her to self-tanning products.

In 2012, Shoned attended an accredited Spray Tanning Course. She did this to boost her income and set herself up as a mobile tanning technician. It fitted in perfectly around her work and children. She enjoyed having control over when she was working and how much she was earning. Shoned became an expert in spray tanning also qualifying in 3D contour tanning.

Tanya Whitebits began life as a Professional Spray Tan Solution back in 2013 after Shoned became disillusioned with what was available in the tanning industry at the time.

“I tried various products available on the market at that time, but found some to be orange in appearance or sticky after application. Most had a biscuit-like odour so I decided to consider developing my own signature brand, and so started my mission in finding the perfect tan!”

Shoned began to explore the formulation of sunless tans in 2013. Determined to remove all the barriers that were normally associated with fake tanning, her focus came to reality in the creation of Tanya Whitebits; a cruelty-free, vegan friendly, paraben and alcohol free formula, also containing natural and organic ingredients.

The brand had a fresh new look in 2018 featuring original illustrations by our Creative Director; LA based Welsh artist, Niki Pilkington.

Fast forward to 2019 and the Tanya Whitebits range has a global following, as well as being a celebrity endorsed and influencer-loved tanning range.

We’ve recently launched our brand-new website boasting an interactive stockist map as well as our full stock range with next day delivery. All trade orders are managed exclusively by Salons Direct.

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