Why Have An Engagment Session

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July 6, 2020

An engagement shoot is a great way to kick start your wedding preparations and get you excited for the big day! We, at Fox and Bear love them for myriad reasons but when we chat to our folk about having a engagement session, we are often faced with comments along the lines of “I’m not a camera person” or “why do I need one?".

Well, here's our guide as to why we think an engagement shoot is one of the best things you can do, pre-wedding.

1) You get to know your photographer

Getting to know your photographer is a great idea; we're an important part of your day after all. Not only are we responsible for collecting the memories you'll be cherishing for years but we'll also be sharing your wedding day with you - we're at every stage of the day, alongside you and your partner.

An engagement shoot is a great way to see us in action and how we work. It not only allows for lots of wedding chat but also allows us all to get to know each other. By the time the wedding comes around, we feel like we’re spending the day with friends rather than working with clients; which means even better, natural photographs.

2) You get to become more comfortable in front of the camera

Despite us all having cameras in our pockets, and many of us take photos constantly, it's not quite the same as having someone around whose sole purpose is to take your photograph all day. It can take a little getting used to!

An engagement shoot can really help with this. We often find that couples who previously work with us, settle really quickly into their photographs on the day.

Time on your wedding day is precious and limited. If you guys are already comfortable in front of a camera it will only allow more time for celebrations and epic photography on the big day.

3) Get photographed in an incredible location

Being in Wales, incredible locations kind of take care of themselves! With a couples' shoot, location options are limitless. Perhaps you have a favourite spot, or the place where you got engaged. Maybe you’re getting married in the mountains but you also love the beach or have a favourite city. We can go pretty much anywhere for a shoot.

If you can't think of a location, chat to us. We have a huge list of locations that we love to shoot at and we're always finding places to add to the list!

We have had a great time working with our couples at places such as Newborough Beach, Llyn Idwal, Bodysgallen Hall, Snowdon, Portmeirion… the list goes on.

4) Get excited about your big day with some amazing images!

Ultimately, engagement shoots are a brilliant excuse to get out and capture some amazing photographs. By the end of the shoot, not only will you have had a great time running around with your partner and photographer, chatting about wedding plans and getting all excited, you'll also have a stash of great photographs.

Why not have an engagement shoot on your postponed 2020 wedding day?

We know the disappointment that many couples have had to face this year, with the postponing of their wedding due to Covid-19. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't mark the occasion; a couples' shoot on your would-be wedding day could be a great way to do this. Many of our couples are already booking us to photograph them on what would have been their wedding day and thankfully, social distancing is easy in the great outdoors; get in touch if you'd like to mark your 2020 wedding day in the best way possible.

Dewi Clough
April 8, 2021
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