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September 17, 2020

This is it ladies! One of the best parts of planning your wedding, choosing the most important dress you might ever wear. And we’re here to help! Your wedding dress is a reflection of you, and you need to feel special, confident and beautiful when you wear it.Of course, you want to turn heads and for the person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with to burst with pride and love when they see you init. Are we asking too much of your bridal gown? We don’t think so! But with all the excitement there’s bound to be some nerves. Here are our top tips to help guide you on your journey to finding that perfect wedding dress!


Do some research


Wedding dresses come in different shapes, styles and with lots of different details. Do you like lace or are you looking for a plainer style? Are you hoping to glitter like a princess or will your big day be more boho event? Are you hoping to rock a fitted mermaid style or are you aiming for a classic bridal ballgown? The truth is you’re unlikely to know exactly what you want until you start trying dresses on, but you can definitely start hunting for things you think you might like, that reflect you and the feel of your wedding day. Pinterest and Instagram are excellent tools and you’ll start saving images of wedding dresses you like without really thinking too much about why it is you like them. That’s where welcome in! Experienced consultants who know their dresses will take a look at your saved images during your appointment and use them as inspiration in order to point you in the right direction. Doing some research helps us to help you find that perfect gown. Plus, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love looking at gorgeous images and day dreaming of their big day?


Trust your consultant


A good bridal consultation starts with a good consultant. We want to know about you, your wedding, what you’ve been saving on your Pinterest andInstagram (and not just the wedding dresses!). The more we know the better job we can do of helping you find “The One”. Be prepared to try on wedding dresses that you might look at on the hanger and think “Oh no…”, and try and maintain a degree of open mindedness. We know our dresses and trust us when we say they look a lot different on the hanger than they do on a body! And speaking of bodies, don’t forget, we want you to feel incredible when you say yes to the dress. If you have a problem area or hang up that you feel conscious about, tell us. Let us help guide you to the perfect style that will complement your figure and have the crowds saying “Wow”.


Know your budget


It’s important to keep in mind how much you would like to spend on your wedding dress, and to shop within that budget. When you are surrounded by beautiful wedding dresses it’s very easy to get carried away, and falling in love with a dress that’s outside of your budget can be heart breaking. Tell us your price range and we’ll help you stick to it. There are lots of truly stunning bridal gowns, for lots of different price points. There will be a wedding dress you love that fits your budget.


Choose your companions wisely


Choosing your wedding dress is exciting stuff, and it is tempting to invite lots of people to your appointment to share in your happiness and excitement. But you need to select your shopping companions wisely. A good companion will build you up throughout your appointment, listen to your opinion of a dress before offering their own, and will view the dresses from your style perspective. You need to trust their opinion, and only bring the people whose thoughts are truly important to you. Be careful not to invite too big a group; all of those opinions might dilute you own feelings, and it’s how you feel in a dress that’s most important. We find that about three people is plenty. There will be other opportunities for extended groups of friends and relatives to join in the fun and excitement; ask them along to help you choose your veil and hair piece, or invite them to attend your fitting appointments. Saying yes to the perfect wedding dress is a special moment, make sure you share it with the people closest to you.


Be true to yourself


This is your wedding, and your wedding dress. How you feel when you see yourself in the mirror is what’s most important. If you feel special, look incredible, and can picture yourself walking down the aisle on your big day wearing that wedding dress, that’s “The One”. Of course, you might feel that other people’s opinions are important, but none of them are as important as your own. Know yourself, be true to yourself, and rock that dress feeling like the best version of yourself.


What can you expect from your bridal appointment at Wedding Belles


A warm and friendly atmosphere in a beautiful bridal boutique awaits you ahead of your appointment at Wedding Belles. We may be small, but we are mighty! With over 100 dresses available in store to choose from, and experienced consultants on hand to assist and guide you every step of the way, you’re sure to find your perfect bridal style. We’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us, and together we’ll build a trusting relationship from the start right the way up to your big day. Get in touch to find out more on 01248 717200or email contact@weddingbellesbrides.co.uk


We hope you’ve found these tips helpful! We could go on, but we’ve got to keep some secrets up our sleeves! We’ll let you in on some more when you come in and see us. See you soon and happy shopping!


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