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August 2, 2020

Bridal blog - Lockdown

How the COVID-19 lockdown has affected the wedding industry

In recent months the COVID-19 lockdown has been very impactful on us all and our daily life has changed in so many ways.  People have lost loved ones; businesses have been heavily impacted and many of us have been affected emotionally and financially.  

As an industry involving close physical contact the wedding industry has been greatly affected, with thousands of couples having to postpone dates they have been looking forward to and organising for the past few years.  It has been heart-wrenching speaking to my brides about their cancelled plans.  It has also been utterly devastating to all of the wedding suppliers and venues who all year work tirelessly to bring couples dream weddings to reality.

The wedding industry has always been extremely competitive, but is rewarding to those lucky enough to work aspart of it.  During the lockdown my supplier friends and I have all done our best to keep upbeat and focus positively on the future.

Turning the negative to positive

Like most, I have had a few difficult days during the lockdown, but my main focus has been trying to remain positive and keep the dream alive for my brides.  All of my brides who had weddings cancelled for this year have successfully secured new dates into 2021 and beyond.  So, I’ve been saying that their dream wedding has not been cancelled it is just on pause, like the rest of the plans we all made for 2020.  

Taking forced time-off has been difficult for me, but has allowed me to spend so much time with my young family making memories I think we will all remember. I am now amazing at baking; you should see my cupcakes!  I’ve spent lots of time focusing on things I normally put on my long to-do list.  I’ve updated my website and perfected my Instagram feed – I’m now a dab hand at hash-tagging!

I really feel that it has been very important to keep in constant contact with my brides, after all they’re the ones who keep me busy each year.  I understand how incredibly difficult its been for all couples and a positive attitude towards their wedding date changes have lifted their spirits.  I can imagine the amazing hair styles we can achieve with the extra 4 inches of hair my brides have all grown during lockdown!  Bring on lots more bridal hairstyling ideas!  Most of us have been makeup free for months now too which will have done wonders for bride’s skin – as it has done for mine.  

Over 50 of my couple have now swapped their dates over to next year and I’m really excited for my brides to be sending me images of different styles of hair and makeup, especially with you changing your date to a different season - like one bride who has changed from a November winter wedding to a July summer wedding. No fluffy shawl needed, get ready for your summer bronzed skin!

Supporting my fellow wedding suppliers has been very important to me. I work with lots of amazing wedding suppliers and venues and have built some really great relationships.  I’ve been using lockdown to promote my business as well as those of my friends with regular Follow Fridays on social media.  

During the lockdown I have been fortunate enough to work on some amazing socially-distanced styled photoshoots with lots of local suppliers, creating amazing content and ideas for future brides to see.  Go check it out on my bridal page –


The biggest thing to happen in lockdown

I have also used the time lockdown has provided to launch my own range of bridal hair accessories.  I’ve noticed this gap in the market for awhile now, and took the opportunity to put together my own range of stunning bridal hair accessories of different colours, styles, comfort and price to give every bride the perfect look on their special day.  

I really want brides to have the very best they can have for their wedding day, to suit every theme, style and budget.  Cassie M Bridal Accessories offers a purchase or rental price to brides, giving a more cost-effective option.

Please take a look at our collection at

or on our online store -


Moving forward for our new norm!

It’s very important for me that my brides enjoy their wedding morning prep the same as my previous brides did pre COVID-19. I pride myself on being fun, calming and to take a relaxing approach to brides on the morning.  As I’m very often the first to see the bride on the morning of her wedding, and the last to see her before she leaves for the ceremony it’s important to me that I help the bride relax and enjoy her wedding morning with as little stress as possible.  Although the future of weddings and bridal prep is not how it was some months ago, I’m very confident we will have many laughs and wedding mornings will be as fun as they have been.  Whilst we all know PPE will be taking a big part of all our lives, I’m confident that this won’t take away from the atmosphere and excitement.


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